ABS 1.75mm 1kg - Blue

ABS 1.75mm 1kg - Blue

  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Brand: 3DEX

Filament from 3DEX is easy to print with and extremely low warp. Low diameter tollerances and consistent melting tempertures also help to make this an excellent filament. This ensures that all of all of your prints are extra strong and durable. Plus, we offer great value shipping on all of our orders.


This high quality blue PLA filament is the perfect filament for all of your 3D creations. Our filament excels in a number of areas such as its vibrant colour and stable melting point. As well as this, our filament adheres to print beds well and has a very small shrink rate. Our filament allows for extremely high resolution prints such as a 0.05mm layer height thanks to its precise diameter and low tolerance giving a constant flow rate. When left in an open environment, poor quality filament can become brittle and unusable over time but luckily all of our filament is very resilient to this. Consequently, these characteristics will give you the ability to eclipse your previous 3D printing standards.

PLA is an excellent plastic to 3D print with for a number of reasons. It is non-toxic, made from natural material and is very rigid at room temperature. Additionally, it does not shrink or warp much when cooling. Its low melting point and glossy feel make it a good all-round choice for most prints. When using our filament, we recommend that you use a nozzle temperature of 190-210℃ and a bed temperature of 70℃. Do not worry if your printer does not have a heated bed as our filament will still adhere to a cold bed but you may need to prime the bed first. This can be done by laying masking tape (or painters tape) on the bed, or alternatively, you can cover the bed in a thin layer of glue (paper glue-stick) or hairspray.

This filament is sold as a 1kg spool and comes packaged in vacuum formed plastic and a cardboard box. To avoid the filament absorbing moisture in the air before it gets to you there are some silica gel inside too.

Characteristic Setting/Result
Printing Temperature 220-260
Bed Temperature 90-110
Glass Point 105
Tollerance ±0.03mm