Entwined - Hemp Filament

Entwined - Hemp Filament

  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Brand: 3DEX
  • Filament from 3DEX is easy to print with and extremely low warp. Low diameter tollerances and consistent melting tempertures also help to make this an excellent filament. This ensures that all of all of your prints are extra strong and durable. Plus, we offer free shipping on all of our orders.


    3D print with hemp filament! Entwined is 3D printing filament produced from USA-grown and processed industrial hemp. Industrial hemp crops require no herbicides, no pesticides and grow more densely compared to corn. Entwined hemp filament uses no dyes, allowing it to maintain a true natural brown. It’s almost iridescent in its ability to showcase different shades and densities within the same printed object. There’s a large amount of visible bio-fill, something you don’t get with standard PLA.

    This is the third in a line of intriguing materials as part of a continuing partnership between 3D-Fuel and bio-composite company, c2renew. More distinctive bio-based products will be released soon.

    Entwined hemp filament can be printed on any machine capable of printing with PLA using standard PLA settings.

    Print Settings:

    Entwined prints well at 180-210 C. In general, a good starting point is 10 degrees cooler than you typically print PLA. A heated bed is not necessary, though if you have one, set it to 45 C.

    3D-FUEL® is an innovative and sustainability-focused enterprise committed to the production of 3D printer materials and filaments while setting unprecedented industry standards for quality and excellence. Our ambition is to fuel your creativity by providing products that you can depend on to print your products, prototypes, and even your dreams.

    Characteristic Setting/Result
    Printing Temperature See Packaging
    Bed Temperature 0-70
    Glass Point 80
    Tollerance ±0.03mm